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Reduce time anxiety and stay focused

Timeless is a subtle clock replacement. It helps you feel less anxious about the time and more focused on how you should be spending it.

  • I can attach a musical keyboard to my iPad

    After seeing this video by AWAN, purchasing a Keith McMillen QuNexus seemed like the perfect idea.

    Even more so after I noticed that you can hook it up to your iPad, as Khantipol demonstrates in his video.


    I had to send it back though, after I discovered one of the pads on the bottom of the keyboard is missing. 🙈

    A pad missing under my QuNexus keyboard

    Hoping the new one gets here before the weekend. And isn’t missing any pieces.

  • Layers is another minimal CSS framework

    I’ll be using Layers to create the website for Hedge.

    Lightweight. Unobtrusive. Style-agnostic. Build your look on the web, not Twitter’s – and build it fluid.

    Layers CSS is a CSS framework aimed for practical use cases. It comes with a small footprint and zero bullshit.

    Sounds good.

    • Normalizations & sensible defaults
    • Fluid grid + progressively enhanced columns
    • Preserves native form styles by default
    • No px definitions
    • No colors, no borders, no rounded corners
    • No dependencies


  • Disable layer backing to work with NSVisualEffectViews in IB

    Found yourself unable to move around (or even freakin’ select) elements on a layer backed NSVisualEffectView?

    Just toggle the Core Animation Layer checkbox in Interface Builder and voilà, all fixed. Oh and everything turns red obviously, because NSVisualEffectViews need layer backing.. 👍

    Interface Builder showing a red NSVisualEffectView

  • You can bulk-edit which app opens a file on OS X

    Just fire up the Terminal and issue the following command:

    $ open ~/Library/Preferences/

    You might need to reboot your Mac afterwards.

    I needed this after deciding I no longer needed Keka to open every compressed file format known to man and got tired of seeing its file type icon on every .zip on my Mac.

    The launchservices plist shown in Xcode

  • Tinted NSVisualEffectView

    I’m trying to change the tint of the NSVisualEffectView. This is what I’ve come up with. You can clone the project over at GitHub. Send me a pull request if you know a better way.

    Tintend visual effect view


    1. Add a new NSVisualEffectView to your main window.
    2. Enable layer backing.
    3. Loop through the layers and change the backgroundColor of the layer called ‘ClearCopyLayer’.

    No science behind this method.

    import Cocoa
    class AppDelegate: NSObject, NSApplicationDelegate {
      @IBOutlet weak var window: NSWindow!
      @IBOutlet weak var vibrancyView: NSVisualEffectView!
      var tintColor: NSColor?
      func applicationDidFinishLaunching(aNotification: NSNotification) {
        // Insert code here to initialize your application
        self.vibrancyView.material = .Dark
      func applicationWillTerminate(aNotification: NSNotification) {
        // Insert code here to tear down your application
      func applyTint() {
        if let color = self.tintColor {
          print("Applying tint: \(self.tintColor)")
          // Tint the visual effect view
          for sublayer: CALayer in self.vibrancyView.layer!.sublayers! {
            if == "ClearCopyLayer" {
              sublayer.backgroundColor = color.CGColor
      @IBAction func tintDark(sender: NSButton) {
        self.vibrancyView.material = .Dark
      @IBAction func tintLight(sender: NSButton) {
        self.vibrancyView.material = .Light
      @IBAction func tintRed(sender: NSButton) {
        self.tintColor = NSColor(red: 1.0, green: 0.0, blue: 0.0, alpha: 0.1)
      @IBAction func tintBlue(sender: NSButton) {
        self.tintColor = NSColor(red: 0.0, green: 0.0, blue: 1.0, alpha: 0.1)

    Known Issues

    Changing the materialfrom light to dark or vice versa removes the custom backgroundColor. Even if it’s applied after changing the material.

I make apps, take a look 👇

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Snaps videos to any corner

Adds a picture-in-picture mode to VLC and QuickTime. Ideal for watching videos in the corner of your screen while you work on something else.