These are a few of the apps that I work on. Learn more over at

  • Timeless app icon

    Reduce time anxiety

    Get a more subtle sense of what time it is with Timeless. Reducing time pressure and distraction.


  • Carbonize app icon

    Generate beautiful images of code

    Carbonize generates gorgeous images from your code snippets. Ready to save or share.


  • Pipvid app icon

    Snap videos to any corner

    Pipvid adds a picture-in-picture mode to VLC and QuickTime. Ideal for watching videos in the corner of your screen while you work on something else.


  • Relax app icon

    Mute your internal speakers

    Relax automatically mutes your internal speakers and pauses music apps when you disconnect headphones.


  • Denied app icon

    Save your ears from Nickelback

    Denied for Mac sees what you're playing in Spotify and iTunes and automatically skips songs that you dislike.