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Reduce time anxiety and stay focused

Timeless is a subtle clock replacement. It helps you feel less anxious about the time and more focused on how you should be spending it.

  • No more Xbox Live

    My Xbox Live subscription expired this week. The 6th of December to be precise. Unlike many years before I didn’t even look into renewing it this time.

    There are two reasons for that. One is that I just didn’t use it that much this year; I think Modern Warfare 3 was the last game I played online. The other is that I’m just too content with Playstation Plus. Not that it’s a problem to have both at the same time, but since Playstation Plus (and my PS3’s 500GB HD upgrade) I’ve been using my Xbox less and less. Mainly because Playstation Plus has made it super easy to statisfy my gaming hobby.

    I like collecting video games. I like looking at the boxes they come in and storing them in cabinets. Before Playstation Plus (and the Humble Bundle) I had trouble adapting to digital-only games. There just wasn’t an advantage for me. Games would cost about the same and there was no way to put them in cabinets and look at them.

    Now with Playstation Plus I just get a bunch of free games every month. I don’t like all of them, but they are practically forced into my collection. And apparently that worked. It changed me. I have no problem buying games and just getting a code or download link anymore. I think I might even prefer digital to physical copies..

  • Computer Components

    I have been planning to buy a new computer (not a Mac). To play games on and maybe start some Windows projects for Danger Cove. I’m having a hard time to just go ahead and purchase the components though. This is the list I’ve been staring at for a few weeks now.

    1Intel Core i5 3570K Boxed€ 204,90€ 204,90
    1MSI Z77A-G45€ 99,90€ 99,90
    1Club3D Radeon HD 7870 royalKing€ 208,-€ 208,-
    1Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 ST1000DM003, 1TB€ 65,45€ 65,45
    1Antec Three Hundred Two€ 57,95€ 57,95
    1Sharkoon SATA III standard (100cm)€ 3,35€ 3,35
    1Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (OEM)€ 125,95€ 125,95
    1Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600€ 10,95€ 10,95
    1Corsair Vengeance CML8GX3M2A1600C9 Low Profile€ 35,99€ 35,99
    1LG GH24NS90 Zwart€ 16,09€ 16,09
    1Corsair Enthusiast TX650 V2€ 81,51€ 81,51
    1Samsung 840 series 120GB€ 93,50€ 93,50
    Totaal€ 1.003,54
  • Philips Hue and Games

    Have you seen these remote controllable, color changing lights by Philips, called Hue?

    They’re working on an official SDK/API that’ll allow you to make your own apps that can trigger color and intensity alterations. Really looking forward to see games like Amnesia involve Philips Hue in their gameplay. We could do all kinds of cool stuff like lightning, bright interogation rooms, dimming the lights when things get eerie, flickering you name it.

    Apparently Philips made it pretty easy to get started, by using the unprotected HTTP “API”. Allowing this to work with HTML5 based games.

  • Conan & Christopher

    Conan O’Brien reviewed “Hitman: Absolution” this week. He’s talked about quite a few games now and mentioned this was his favorite. Which says more than you might think.

    Christopher Walken (actually Jason Stephens) has a similar item on YouTube: Chrisopher Walkenthrough. This is him playing Minecraft.

  • Carmageddon iOS

    I backed the Kickstarter project and the iOS game is just the right appetizer. Plays wonderfully (or at least just as crappy as I remember) and looks great.

    Carmageddon on iOS.

I make apps, take a look 👇

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Snaps videos to any corner

Adds a picture-in-picture mode to VLC and QuickTime. Ideal for watching videos in the corner of your screen while you work on something else.