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Reduce time anxiety and stay focused

Timeless is a subtle clock replacement. It helps you feel less anxious about the time and more focused on how you should be spending it.

  • You can run Android on your Mac/PC

    Remix OS is Jide’s effort to bring a ‘PC experience’ to Android and it just released a version you can actually install.

    I’ve downloaded the latest release and ran it in VMWare Fusion.

    Remix OS running in VMWare Fusion

    In VMWare Fusion, only the ‘Guest’ option seems to work and only if you press TAB in Grub and append vga=791 to the boot options.

  • Moved to Typed

    Trying something new all together. I’m posting all the stuff I learn (and know) on Typed.

  • You want to hold Option after switching apps with CMD + Tab

    I’ve set my Dock to hide automatically, which means I rely on the App Switcher to (shocker, I know) switch between apps. A lot.

    Annoyingly, if I switch to an app that has no visible windows, I still need to press ⌘ + N or whatever to make it pop up. I’ve just learned there’s a fix for that. 🎉

    Press and hold ⌥ after activating the App Switcher. It will hurt your fingers, but pressing option will ensure something pops up after switching between apps.

    Now I need to find a way to make this the default behaviour. Anyone?

  • BeOS survived and is now called Haiku

    In a time where I created boot floppy disks and compiled kernels to get my Sound Blaster 16 to work, BeOS was a new operating system.

    It looked slick and promised much lets compiling and more productivity from your computer. Plus it had this awesome 3D teapot. Just look at it. Irresistible.

    Teapot, just look at it

    BeOS ceased to exist almost 15 years ago, but spawned an open-source spin-off, called Haiku, which easily runs on a virtual machine.

    Just get one of the nightlies and run the installer. It literally took less than 10 seconds to complete on my MacBook running VMWare Fusion.

    Looks the same as when I ran BeOS on my Pentium 2.


    Haiku’s last official release came out in 2012, but the nightly I downloaded was (probably automatically) generated two days ago.

    Quite a few apps come pre-installed and more can be added through the package manager. Even old BeOS apps are supposed to work out of the box.

    The most interesting application is WebPositive, a WebKit based browser, which works pretty great.

    WebPositive showing

    You won’t throw out Windows or OS X just yet, but I’ll probably do what @milend does:

    I install Haiku once a year to see how they’ve progressed :)

    By the way, remember when I installed OpenStep in Virtualbox?

  • Matteo Spinelli designs super pretty keyboards

    After looking at Matt3o’s Massdrop campaign for his WhiteFox Keyboard for over an hour, I pulled the trigger and ordered one.

    Can’t wait to get my €200 (or €255 if customs gets hold of it) mechanical keyboard. ❤️

    WhiteFox Mechanical Keyboard by Matteo Spinelli

    I went with the ‘True Fox’ layout and MX Blues, by the way. Hope I don’t regret the latter, but I chickened out and got MX Browns too many times now.

    Don’t have a Massdrop account yet? Use this:

I make apps, take a look 👇

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Snaps videos to any corner

Adds a picture-in-picture mode to VLC and QuickTime. Ideal for watching videos in the corner of your screen while you work on something else.