Not sure if I’m alone in this, but the thing I look forward the most with every new game console is the control pad. Of all the parts it’s obviously the part that I’ll be touching the most.

The PS4 controller was introduced a while ago and I was somewhat underwhelmed. The LED on the back looks quite cool and it has a tiny touch pad, but its shape is not something I find attractive.

The new Xbox One controller on the other hand looks pretty smooth. Can’t wait to hold it.

To be clear, I’ve always liked the looks of Xbox controllers better than the ones that came with the Playstations, but preferred the feel and technology of the Sony manufactured devices. Especially the d-pad of all past Xbox consoles was absolutely horrendous, ruling out any chance of me playing a fighting game on the Xbox. The new pad however looks perfect, with its cross design (compared to the circular shape from the past).