Do you use GitHub’s Gists? Then you might like this.

Sharing code among co-workers and friends is quite easy using various ‘code snippit’ sharing websites. I personally like GitHub’s Gists. To make sharing even easier and keep everybody up to date of what’s being shared, I wanted to create a feed out of my Gists. Of course I could just use GitHub’s own RSS feeds, but that would screw up my reason to do something with App Engine.

App Engine

Using Python and App Engine I threw together a script that will take your GitHub username and turn all your Gists into a convenient RSS feed. You can then use the feed to include it anywhere, like your favorite RSS reader or your blog.

To make things even easier, use the GitHub bundle for TextMate to be able to create Gists from your favorite editor. Don’t forget to setup your GitHub username and token:

$ git config --global github.user username
$ git config --global github.token 0123456789yourf0123456789token

Try it: